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Dr. Volpp and Colleagues

Kevin Volpp’s alchemy: Turning principles of behavioral economics into healthier people

In the unsettled waters of health care transformation, Dr. Kevin Volpp practices an alchemy of sorts: turning economic principles into incentives that lead to better health outcomes, individual wellness, and healthier living. I...

Close up of hands breaking cigarette

We are on the money: Financial incentives can help smokers quit

The news is good for smoking…cessation programs. According to a study recently published in The New England Journal of Medicine, financial incentives can increase the effectiveness of cessation programs. With funding from the...

African American man looking worriedly at his son while they sit in a park

Can parents transmit anxiety, making children vulnerable?

Could worrying excessively about our children turn them into worriers? Could our anxious parenting ways negatively impact those we strive to protect? In a study recently published by “The American Journal of Psychiatry,” Th...

Cover of Cultural framework for health handbook

Understanding the cultural framework of health and health care

Have you ever read about a health-related intervention that is “culturally-appropriate,” “culturally-grounded,” or “tailored”? Have you ever questioned whether you have sufficient cultural sensitivity skills? To hel...

Natcher Conference Center with banner for SciTS 2015

Science of Team Science 2015 Conference: Building the knowledge base for effective team science

Are you an investigator working in a team? Do you want to learn how to enhance the quality of your science by improving your teamwork? Perhaps you’re an academic administrator or organizational leader interested in creating a...

crowd of cartoon figures around lightbulb idea icon

What should be NHLBI’s behavioral and social sciences priorities? Tell them!

Brainstorming, strategic planning, throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks, they are so 20th century! When the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) wanted to find the most compelling scientific priori...

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