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Smart watch and phone with health sensor app

Can traditional study designs be applied to evaluate mHealth interventions?

Cell phones, tablets and wearable sensors have become nearly ubiquitous fixtures in our daily lives. These technologies afford us an unprecedented ability to stay connected and track our behaviors in real time, and we have show...

Pizza take away

Changing the food environment in Baltimore to prevent childhood obesity

Local food environment significantly impacts a person’s diet and health outcomes. Luckily, food environments are malleable and public health efforts to combat obesity can directly target components of a local food environment...

Globe with stethoscope

A multilevel framework exploring the relationship between transnationalism, culture and health

Anthropologists have developed common definitions of culture that emphasize its different dimensions, including traditions and customs, webs of meaning, cultural cognition, and tools for ecological adaptation. But, even amidst ...

People holding hands around a globe

Cultural neuroscience and health: Developing an international cultural neuroscience consortium

Do we need to understand how culture affects the psychological and biological mechanisms underlying mental health? We believe the answer to that is a resounding yes, but not merely for scientific curiosity. If the urgency of pr...

Kids at fence

Fighting fire with fire: Using implicit means to combat implicit bias

Unconscious or implicit bias has been in the news lately. On the other hand, it has been in the minds of researchers for some time, as data have consistently shown that while overt discrimination and bigoted attitudes have decl...

Movie clapper

Call for videos: Let out your inner Behavioral & Social Scientist!

The Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR) is turning 20 this year! To help us celebrate, we are asking you to submit a video that showcases your research work. The best videos will be featured at the OBSSR 2...

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